2 months and all’s well!

Yesterday marked the 9th week of being on the road. Though, at this point, most of that has been spent in Chicago or Lexington. For me it feels like we left Seattle 4 months ago. I’ll call it a victory in the sense that, while time is always flying by, it seems to have slowed just a little bit for me. But I’m not going to don a flight suit and give my aircraft carrier ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech just yet, because we still have 4 fun-filled months to go!!!

We’re really looking forward to Heather and Mark’s wedding on Sunday. The band Frontier is playing a reunion show Saturday night at the Empty Bottle in their honor. For lack of a more telling description, Frontier is a spacey/droney indie band with a great light show. At least one of their members, Mike, poured many a pint for me as a bartender at the Bottle back in the go-go 90s.

I do feel like I got to do a lot of the Chicago things I never had time to do before, when I would come back for the holidays. It’s always a bit of a social marathon and this time was no exception. Regretfully, I still haven’t figured out how to see everyone I would have liked to see even over a 3 week period. A big part of why so much time was spent here was to get together with my sisters and sort out my mom’s house and get it in shape. The first two weeks in August was spent painting, removing wallpaper, patching walls, removing weeds and bushes, and adding stones along the fence in the yard, cleaning out an extremely cluttered garage, and some light electrical work. Professionals have taken care of the heavier tasks of putting in a sump pump system, tiling and carpeting the basement floor, and putting on a new roof. It’s been good to spend so much time with my sisters, the house has gotten a major refresh, and Jenn has gotten to sample a good amount of the food, culture and architecture this town has to offer. Though it was longer than originally intended, this Chicago time was part of the original plan and to that end I feel really good about what we’ve accomplished. Soon I’ll make some time to talk about the people and places we saw while we were here.

Beyond the wedding, we’re really looking forward to getting back on the road. And in order to make that happen we need to get over to Costco stat, to fix the tire with a nail in it. We’ve been driving around for the last 5 or 6 days with a little “clack-clack-clack” accompaniment sound and luckily that hasn’t translated to an actual flat tire. Recaps of the people and places we’ve seen in Chicago will have to wait.

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