Roadstumble.com is the journal of Jennifer Surbaugh and Brian McCoy, a document of their (mis?)adventures as they drive around the lower48 and hopefully a bit of Canada (also a trip Mexico por avión).

Born out of an instant message conversation that was originally more of an escapist fantasy during a mind-numbing 60 hour work week, the original hare-brained scheme was to travel around in an RV, seeing the country and and funding the trip via Brian’s freelance web development skills.

The more they talked about it, the more feasible this fantastic idea became. There were already five or six occasions between July and December that one or both of them had to be someplace in the midwest, amounting to hundreds in airfare and airport hassles. Internet connectivity is almost ubiquitous after all, riiiight? With more and more people working from home, coffee shops, etc., why couldn’t an office be mobile? Traveling salespeople do it every day. Even RV parks have wifi. Could gas, food, and lodging be that much more costly than rent and utilities? (don’t answer that)

After a couple months of discussion, planning, internet research, number crunching and even an amusing trip to the Seattle RV show, a few tweaks were made and this idea was destined to become a reality. All those guys at the RV show who look like Kenny Rogers at various stages in his career were very helpful, but the the RV idea was scratched. It was replaced with a 2007 Honda Element EX, something far more practical, fuel-efficient and less likely to have been a meth lab for its previous owner.

So Jenn and Brian gave notice at their jobs, put most of their stuff in storage, packed up the Element with Lulu the pug and few personal belongings, put their bicycles on the roof and headed east out of Seattle on an adventure/experiment.  It was high time for a ballsy move anyway. Check back often (or subscribe to the RSS feed) to keep tabs on the sights, sounds and thoughts that they experience while they attempt to live out of a Honda Element for the next 3-6 months.

Also, this is the only and last time Brian and Jennifer will refer to themselves in the third person.

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