And then, we got to Arizona and everything was clear.

Last week, my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Butch came to visit.  We were trying so hard to find a way to get to them in West Virginia but couldn’t make our schedules come together.  Luckily, they came to us in Lexington!  They already had plans to visit some friends in Ohio and made a detour to spend a night with us.  We had a great time and, as usual, I only wish it could have been longer.

One of our problems in scheduling was knowing that a baby was going to be born very soon and trying to figure out how we would visit in Lexington AND get to Arizona to meet Daniel.  Brian’s sister Nora was pregnant and having some (relatively minor) complications that made it so we didn’t know when to head West!  The baby was due to be born on the 20th so we decided to leave on the 17th thinking that we would get there just in time.  Daniel had other plans and was born on November 16th!

This isn't his best look.

We left KY on Thursday and drove to Tulsa, then to Santa Rosa, NM on Friday night, finally getting to Phoenix on Saturday.  This worked out great because that was the day Daniel and Nora got to come home from the hospital!

Katie, Nora, Brian, Cara,(L to R) and Daniel

As we were driving through New Mexico and Arizona, Brian was marveling at the beauty of our surroundings.  Mostly, I slept and had ants in my pants.  I was very ready to get there and out of the car.  Also, I realized a strange thing.    When we were in Trinidad at the Playa Alcon, we decided to try some snorkling.  Brian and Walter went out first while I enjoyed the scenery.  Eventually, I decided to go.   AND I FREAKED OUT!  There wasn’t anywhere to stand or catch my breath.  Everything looked dead (because mostly is was) and I got water in my gear and and and and and.  I totally panicked.

Similarity?  It’s so open here that it’s hard for me to focus.   I know that it’s beautiful and it looks different than anything I’ve ever seen.  I do like it here but I’m not crazy about driving through the strange wide open.

Also, we tried the In-N-Out Burger.  Um, not so crazy about that mess.  I’m willing to give it another shot but really, not impressed.  I thought it was going to be awesome and instead, nawsome.   We made burgers at home that night with guacamole and potato salad and that was great!

Of course, Thanksgiving was great!  We had way too much food and lots of fun.  Easy, easy. I thought about the dinners happening with the Surbaugh’s in Lexington and the Teutschson’s in Seattle.  I hope everyone had a great time!

Monday is Brian’s birthday and Tuesday, we leave for Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  If it’s warm enough, we are going to camp.  I think it would be pretty amazing to wake up and have coffee there.   Later in the week, we are going to Little Rock to see Momma and Daddy (that’s Mr. and Mrs. Bracy to you) and then, I am really hoping, to Graceland.  All of this is to get to Lexington and Chicago for Christmas.

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