Brooklyn to Maine

There is a lot to catch up.  I’ll try to focus a little and keep it easy.

We did go to Brooklyn, Kyle and Linda were kind enough to put us up for the night – it was really great to get to hang out with them for a bit.

The great and wonderful.

More exciting news?  A severe storm – a tornado? – blew through Queens and Park Slope, right where we were.   Well, Kyle and Brian were in Park Slope, I was a little north and Linda was in Manhattan.  Of course, we were all fine.  Lots of trees down and it it gave everyone something extra to talk about for the evening!

Before Brooklyn!

We left Brooklyn on Friday morning, ran back to Rob and Michelle’s and got the car.  The only goal for that drive was to get around the city and make it into Connecticut.

We got to New Haven after a few hours and hunkered down for the evening.  We got up Saturday morning to go to the Yale campus.  Mostly, I just wanted to see the Beinecke Library again.

Stark white outside...
Warm and smart inside.

That done, Newport, RI was next.  A word of advice: if you visit Newport, check ahead.  It is a very old and fun town on the water that hosts a lot of high-end events that really could put your costs through the roof.  Like a boat show. Still, I loved it there.  One night in and out – Boston!

This isn't quite what Rhode Island looks like...but it you get the picture.

In Boston, Brian and I got to hang out with my Top Pot BF Brendan.  He had just moved to Boston about a month prior to start law school.  He gave us the 3 hour tour of Kennedy’s Irish Pub- nice and easy.  Monday morning, Brian and I came back into the city for a few hours, long enough to grab some lunch and procure necessary provisions for car sandwiches and RUTH.

Beacon Hill, Boston

Ms. Ruth Moss is an amazing (understatement) woman.  BIG TIME.  She lives part of the year in Sorrento, Maine and part of the year in Seattle.  I actually had not met her before starting this trip but had been set up by Irene and  Wendi had told me that she was not to be missed.   I got to talk to Ruth on the phone and, intending only to come around for a bit she insisted that we stay the night.  And am I glad she insisted. We arrived later in the evening so we didn’t quite grasp where we were. There was chilled champagne and a beautiful spread prepared for our arrival.  She told us stories until well after midnight about the politics in the area and politics generally for the last 60 years.  Talk about with it.  This lady has it in spades.

Ms. Ruth

Ruth lives on the water on a peninsula on the coast.  Beyond beautiful and the most ideal place to have your coffee.

Moss Harbor
This is the view from Ruth's living room, no zoom.

Brian and I are still giggling over Ruth and her one-liners.   A few good ones:  “Oh! You’re both such big people!” (followed with “I’m sorry but you’ll have to use the other bathroom, mine is small, made special for me!), “Hey professor, I’ve got another lamp for you to fix.” ,  “I finally found what I’ve been looking for – a menorah for my Christmas tree!” and “Goddamn Republicans.  Excuse me. I told her not to repeat that at school. My granddaughter, she’s very smart.” !!

Somehow, despite an invitation to stay on longer, we managed to pull out of there and head to Bar Harbor. We went to Ruth’s favorite restaurant here, Galyn’s and had lobsters.  Perfect way to end our Maine days.

Sunset, Bar Harbor.

Tomorrow, Canada.  Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto.

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  1. yay, yay, yay!!!! i’m sooooo glad you made it to ruth’s house- i swear i’m moving in with her next summer. brilliant.

    road trip envy! big time!

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