Candidates for the Amazing Race we are not

The last 48 hours in Seattle were hectic to say the least. After scrambling to get everything packed up and moved out of the apartment along with a handful of other moving related details, we finally got on the road in the afternoon of the 1st. We had dinner in Ellensburg, WA and made it to Spokane that evening, with a cool little stop near Vantage, WA to check out the Wild Horse Monument – giant metal sculptures of horses overlooking the Columbia River.

We didn’t do much in Spokane, other than wake up late, eat at the amazing Waffles Plus, re-organize the car and pick up some camping supplies. With a reservation at the Glacier campground the next day, we decided to skip the suction goat and get back on the road.

We were so late getting into Glacier, that the ranger stations were all closed. Luckily, there was plenty of daylight left to set up camp and find some firewood, even though it was after 10:0pm. Jenn made a delicious dinner of chicken sausage, spinach and fried rice. Of course, we slept well into the morning, getting up sometime around 10:00 am. Lulu handled the entire camping experience very well, a good sign because we have 4 more days of camping this week – 2 days near Sturgis and 2 at Yellowstone.

Glacier was amazing. We only had one day there, so we drove Going to the Sun Road. This is a narrow road that dissects the park, winds up the mountain through Logan Pass and then back down into a town called St Mary. It was hairy at times as it skirted the mountainside. You could look down the cliffs from the passenger side window. The road was well-maintained and very crowded with 4th of July vacationers. The pass was still in the throngs of winter with a few feet of snow still on the ground. Stunt driver Jenn drove the road like a champ and was a very good sport about being in snow-capped mountain peaks when she really wanted summer sun.

We’re currently in Wyoming, enjoying some downtime and some breakfast before we head to the Sturgis area to set up camp and do some more exploring. I’m hoping to actually do some worky work today once we set up camp. The weather has been rainy and cooler pretty much since we left. It seems to be following us around.

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