Chicago, again.

The last four days have been fantastic.  Actually, Wednesday was amazing and I have been recovering from it and thinking about it since.

Friends from Seattle came into town on their own road trip Wednesday afternoon.  Eric and Jackie had been trying to get us reservations at either Alinea or Schwa while they were in town for a few days and, after relentless efforts by Jackie, Schwa made space for us.  As for the experience, it was great.  I love that it’s BYOB, we got to drink exactly what we wanted.  The food was good and interesting.  The service was…a detractor.  However, worth it.  Leaving Schwa, we went to the Violet Hour.  This place, I loved.  Top to bottom.

It was a relief to see familiar faces and wonderful to have a night out. Huh?  I mean a bigtime night out.  We spent the evening together and watched the sun rise on Lake Michigan, something I figured I wouldn’t see again until I started saying “I just can’t sleep past 4:30a anymore.”.

In related news, we had breakfast this morning at Orange in Roscoe Village with our pals Heather and Mark (they are the ones getting married, the reason for our extended Chicago visit!).  It was really good!  Avacado mousse?  I thought no but was wrong.  YUM.  They have pancake flights.  Seriously, 4 different mini-stacks.  Great all around!

One thought on “Chicago, again.

  1. I have been to Orange’s and it really is a fab bruncheon experience. Sounds like really good times in Chicago all around. Did you do an architecture tour or make it back to the Art Institute (or were you too busy drinking)?

    Did you make it to Bloodroot country (West Virginia)? I’d like an entire post about that. Thanks.

    Enjoyed reading about the exotic feline rescue center and the matriarchal womanhood celebration (in other posts). Glad for (and, yes, still jealous of) all your fun!

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