D.C. to NYC

“You are driving a spectacle!”*

“I feel like we are sitting in a Goodwill.”**

“I might have gotten crabs.”

These are but a few memorable one liners from the past few days.  Brian and I left D.C. on Sunday and headed to New Jersey.  Via Delaware.  An acquaintance from Delaware told me once that I wasn’t missing much by not having been there.  She wasn’t wrong.

But first – finishing up D.C.  While in D.C., we did LOTS of touring.  Brian’s #1 stop in D.C. was the Newseum, mine was the Army Medical Museum, now the Health and Medical Museum.  Once a tour of bizarre medical curiosities, it primarily houses a lot of information on the progression of medical care on the battlefield.  I was hoping for the curiosities. There was (before someone deemed it un-pc) a large “Operation” type game that you could play to see how you would have treated President Lincoln after he was shot.  Seriously.  There are still fragments of his brain on display.  There are organs in formaldehyde and lots of prosthetic limbs.  It was something.  Interestingly, one of the more curious parts now of this museum is it’s location.  It is in a building in the labyrinth of Walter Reed (did you know that he is the person that discovered Malaria came from mosquitoes?)  Medical Center.  If you happened to be on your bicycle, after you showed your ID to enter the grounds, you could seemingly ride all over this huge complex.  Which led us to the National Zoo.  We rode into the zoo, looked for the pandas and elephants and rode on again. Friday basically turned into a long biking adventure.  We found the Thomas Jefferson monument!

On the last day, Saturday, we mostly rode around and tried to see how many things we could fit into one day.  I saw a sign for Dim Sum and after being denied a table we went into Chinatown and had the most amazing handmade noodles and dumplings.  Then to the Air and Space Museum and the sculpture garden.  We attempted the Archives but there was a long wait.  We found a place called RFD (Regional Food and Drink) that had a great beer selection and I finally got to try one that I had been searching out.

So, Delaware.  Home of Dogfish Head.  I am a fairly recent convert.  Because we were so close while in D.C., it seemed reasonable that we would stop by Dogfish on our way to New Jersey to see some of Brian’s cousins.   Delaware was not exciting and Dogfish was great.  It being that we went early in the afternoon, samplers were ordered and that was it.  The food was great and so was the beer.  On to New Jersey!   Sunday night, we stayed with Brian’s cousin in Sewell, NJ and had a great time hanging out with many of the Herrero’s!  They welcomed us warmly with food on the table, football on tv, and a cool place to sleep!

New York City!  We got to Manhattan Monday night after dropping off the car.  Brian’s friend Rob lives in New Providence, NJ with his awesome wife Michelle and adorable girls.  They let us park the car there while we are in the city.  We explored a little that night and started fresh on Tuesday. We are staying in the East Village and walked down to Chinatown and all around the Fulton Market, Battery Park, and back to Chinatown to eat.  We slowly made our way to midtown to meet Rob at the Gingerman (where * was said by Rob).  Five hours of reminiscing later, Brian and I took a midnight tour of Times Square then went back to East Village.

This morning, I got up and over to Brooklyn where my old pal Kyle met up with me and gave me a tour of some of Park Slope and some of Williamsburg.  It was so great that Brian and I have decided to stay another day.  Kyle dropped us on the steps of Aurora before heading home this evening and Brian and I had a delicious meal.  So, so good.  We walked around for awhile and stopped at the Trash Bar(**, ***).  On our way back to the apartment (thanks airbnb!), we were lamenting all the cool places around us that we weren’t going to have time to see or try.  Despite having an amazing meal, I couldn’t pass up how close the Momofuku restaurants were (we were practically walking past them from the train!) so we decided to stop in the Milk Bar.  Which turned out to be the Ssam Bar.  Either way, we tried the Steamed Buns and a desert called Blueberry.  That desert was one of the best things I’ve had in a long time as far as sweets go.  Then, we found out the Milk Bar was in the back.  So, we went to check that out.  After seeing the Milk Bar, I felt like it was pretty lucky that we hadn’t seen it first because – my guess is – if you’re gonna be stuffed to the gills, it should be with the Blueberry desert and a bun, not a prepackaged compost cookie.  Now, we gotta go to bed early as a pretty massive food coma is settling in.

Brooklyn tomorrow!

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  1. Yes, finding the Milk Bar can be tricky – it took me a couple of tries. Luckily, as you found, you’re never far from one of the best sweet treats you’ve ever had in your life at Ssam or the Noodle Bar. Just spending a moment in that cuckoo (fuku) David Chang universe is experience enough.

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