foux du fafa

foux du fafa, originally uploaded by squeezbox.

Fabiane’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC is where the Flight of the Conchords’ hilarious ‘foux du fafa’ sketch starts.

It’s all so very apropos because our entire Montreal experience has been a continuous ‘foux de fafa’ moment, running around this amazing town, trying to communicate using only the most basic of French words and phrases.

Montreal is a fantastic blend of English and French, North American with European flair. Lots of very fashionable people riding their European-style bikes along streets with the same kinds of cars you’d find in the US. Shops, bars, restaurants, galleries in every direction for blocks and blocks. Bike lanes everywhere. We rode all over the place. It has become the new high watermark for this journey. We loved it so much, we stayed on for 2 more days.

I’ll go ahead and create a new stereotype. All Canadians are super friendly (unless you’re on the Hockey rink, but that’s different). I guess the culture is becoming more English-friendly than it has been in the past. The French speakers happily switch to English and no one gives you attitude about anything. If you’ve been to Europe during the Bush years, you know what I’m talking about. We’re lucky and grateful for that. A woman at a dress shop called and set up a salon appointment for Jenn. A shoe salesman turned us on to a great coffee shop, a Peruvian sandwich shop, a smoked meat shop and a bagel shop, and gave us the lowdown of the area. We didn’t buy anything from them, they just like tourists and are happy to show people around.

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