I know all you really want are these photos.


It's a scooter. Super scooter.

It’s a scooter with seats in the back, a cocotaxi.  Way fun transportation.

Cathedral Plaza, a square we found and kept returning to because it was so close to the place we were staying and because it was too nice being there.

Yes, it was touristy and I don’t care.  I loved it.

Walking along the Malecon, these kids were playing in front of their houses:

And these two in their doorway in Barrio Chino:

Outside the capital building, aptly named “Capitolo”.


One bird, one banana.

Butcher shop. Trinidad.
Playa Alcon


Brian is quite the equestrian.

We tried to bring back honey from the farm that I saw this goat.  It didn’t work.

Doll Head Tree. Fantasy garden in Vinales.
Gardening shed.
The highway had a cattle crossing.

Back to Havana:

Athletic arena.
Lokie. My BFF.

Now, we are in Lexington.  Where this building is not.