I’ve got my fancy new teeth!

That’s the most important thing to tell you!  I went by my home away from home (Beaumont Family Dentistry) and my new teeth were in!  YIPPPPEEEE!  Crowns are in place and they are real pretty.


Big times around here.  I got Cabin Fever in a bad, bad way last week and started hitching to Ohio.  Actually, my Mom has been kind enough to lend her Town and Country van to the cause and I took off for Cincinnati on Wednesday past.  I got to hang out with Nicole and her kids for the night.  Nicole made some a-m-a-z-i-n-g ceviche, we had a bottle of wine, and we plopped on the couch for the evening watching Top Chef and whatever else was on the DVR.  Add a couple of Skinny Cows into the mix and it was pure Heaven.  After that lovely evening, I got in the car Thursday morning, stopped at the Echo, grabbed my Graeter’s to go and made way to Chicago.

I made it to Chicago in record time (thanks time change!) and finally got to meet the Famous McCoy sisters!  Delightful.  Brian and I went to dinner in the neighborhood (Reuben Eggrolls?  They exist.), had a drink, and called it a day.  Friday, the McCoy’s were working around the house and I mostly daydreamed about dinner.  Then, FINALLY, Brian S. and Emily arrived from their cross country journey!!

We all had a quick pasta dinner outside and made our way back to the neighborhood strip and found an amazing place to hang out.  The Mecca Supper Club is probably the coolest thing in Edison Park.  The ladies and fellas that came in were pretty fantastic.  Gentlemen with their shirts unbuttoned, all that puberty gave them out for the world to see.  WOW.  And the ladies.  Such tight skirts, so, so short.  And heels.  High ones.  And the permanent waves in those long locks.  Awesome.  And, it was karaoke night.  Sweet ass.  I’ll be back.  I failed to mention that the waitress might have been auditioning for a “Hot for Teacher” remake.  She started the evening off in a button up with a bow-tie and her hair in a bun.  At 9p, she came back to check on us with her hair down (permed), skinny jeans on, and a tank top.  Look for the video.

We went out to do some sight seeing on Saturday after Brian S. and Emily headed to Geneva, IL.  And, honestly, I don’t remember what we did.  It doesn’t matter.  I think we drove around to Wicker Park.  Oh yeah!  We had Cuban food and it was super yummy.  I didn’t remember initially because we walked around Wicker Park on our own little pub crawl.  It was short but good.

I’m looking into doing one or two of the Frank Lloyd Wright tours when I go back to Chicago in about 10 days.  They are a little pricey but I think it would be super fun and well, I’ve got the time.  It would be a shame to not do it.  I am also hoping to get back to the Art Institute. I’m going to have to muster up some adventure.  I’m determined to get Chicago.   Any and all suggestions are welcome!

I came back to Lexington yesterday with Brian S. and mostly we’ve just been hanging out with LuLu, our brother Dannie, and the nieces.  This weekend, we head to Indianapolis for our family reunion!  That should be super fun.  Brian Mc is meeting me there and then we are off to Ohio for the week.  OHIO I say!  Columbus, Cleveland, and Amish Country.  Why not?

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  1. joy! so glad you have fancy new teeth to match fancy you.

    just wanted you to know that i read your posts with a southern drawl. is that how you spell drawl?

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