We made it on Saturday night.  I goofed around on Sunday with Brian.  He and I went to breakfast with my Mom Sunday morning and then we picked up the Girls and Alex to watch the yellow card match that was the World Cup.  BW3’s  was our spot as we had minors.  Then, a cookout at Dannie’s.  Great way to spend a Sunday and the first day in town.

Not quite sure what to do with myself, I go to Speedway and get my special blend of 44 oz of mostly iced tea with just a little sweet tea to top it off.  This isn’t the only thing I do here but my go to when in doubt.  Or hot.  Basically what I’m telling you is that within a few days of being in KY, I’m at the Speedway at least once a day getting my fix.  There.  It’s out.  Kelsey said she was going to make me some today so that I didn’t have to go to the gas station…we’ll see.

LuLu is loving it here.  She gets to run around in the car a lot and play with Georgia and Abby.  And, she is getting a myriad of spa services while we are in town.  She too is going to the dentist and has a pedicure scheduled for next week.

OH!  Thank you for the well wishes on my tooth. My Advil and Amoxi regimen has served me well and there hasn’t been another breakdown since the Badlands.  I am going to the dentist tomorrow.  YIpppeeee!

3 thoughts on “KENTUCKY!

  1. Hi sweet Jenn! So excited to see you have a blog up and running. I will love keeping up with you as you are on the road.

    If you will be in KY for a few weeks maybe we could meet up! The fam is headed down to Florida on Friday and will be back the next Monday, but if you are still around maybe you could come to family night. Everyone would love to see you! Or I have off Wednesdays so maybe we could do coffee. I would love for you to meet sweet Henry.

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