“love” seems too strong; “like”, not strong enough.

I woke up out of a dead sleep at 6:51 this morning.  Me.  Lord, it’s not even 7:30 and I’m typing on this thing having my first cup of coffee.  I must be excited.  We are leaving for DC today!  Hopefully, we can get this tire plugged (Costco = 3 hour wait) and make it to Cleveland.  Hopefully.

Our time here in Chicago has been great!  Brian has been working his butt off, either with his jobby job or with the house and still, we’ve managed a LOT of fun and interesting stuff.  Getting to spend some time here – and because of the wedding – I’ve been able to meet a lot of Brian’s friends and spend time with most of the great people that I met last year.  Last year, Heather and Mark were just about engaged and Christine was pregnant.  As of yesterday, Heather and Mark were beautifully married and I met Isabel, Christine and Bob’s sweet girl.

Highlights of the last weekend in August:  Cafe Selmarie, Half Acre Taproom, Goose Island Brewery, Iberico, a picnic in Lincoln Park, and meeting the Miller’s, the Carr’s, and nice, cool people.

And my birthday.  Thank you so much for the wishes.  It was fun, sweet, and delicious.  We went to Hot Doug’s for breakfast/lunch.  I love going there so much that I told Brian when we got to Chicago that I was going to go everyday while we were here.  I did not.  Maybe I should have.  Regardless, you have to like meat to go and if you do, it is encased meats like you’ve never seen.    So, that was my start.  A Portuguese Smoked Pork something with saffron something and rustic red pepper cheese.  Delicious sauces and cheese, yum yum yum.

AND, Doug is nice.

Then, we went to Shedd Aquarium.  I love that place.  The jellyfish alone were worth the trip.

We saw as much as possible as fast as possible.  We left when they kicked us out and walked around the Museum Campus for awhile before  finally settling on the W as a place to have a drink before dinner.

Navy Pier from the W.

Post cocktails, we went back to the Situation, changed clothes a little like Superman and headed to dinner.  At Blackbird.  So, so good.  We each got the tasting menu and there was so much food that I took the menu so I could remember later what we ate.  For me, the food was perfect, the wine was great, and the service was amazing.  Could not have asked for better.

Friday found us in a real lull.  Do you have to detox from awesomeness?  I think maybe yes.  Maybe De-rox?  Brian worked and I… ?  I think I read.  I know it didn’t amount to much and I was squirmy and uninspired all day.  Boohoo.

But then, Saturday came and it was a bright new day.  It was also the kick-off for …. THE WEDDING!  Brian and I went in search of some traveling books and Vietnamese food (why do you have such a hold on me Bahn Mi?).  We eventually found them both and waited patiently to go to the Empty Bottle to see the happy couple and meet up with friends.  A great, loud, and early night happened.  I ate tamales out of a cooler.  That were hot.

And the wedding!  Beautiful, easy, sweet and perfect.

Mr. and Mrs.!