Lucky in Kentucky?

Not so much.  After a full 4 hours in the chair with the dentist, the work cannot be completed and my root canal is going to a specialist for a 3rd attempt.  Unfortunately, my wallet will follow.  The good news is that…well, it will eventually be done.   Boresville.

Brian and I haven’t done much in Lexington besides drink.  And we’ve hardly managed any of that.  We went out one night to Mia’s and thought we’d really go crazy so we headed over to the Rosebud.  It was still pretty early in the evening when 2 girls came out of the bar.  One of them was that girl.  She needed a chair and a long stare at the ground.  We left, it just wasn’t gonna be that kinda night for us.

The view from our table at Mia's.

Over this past weekend, we headed up to Cincinnati to visit with my longest time friend Nicole.  We had a great time!  Brian got to see a city he hadn’t been to and we were welcomed in style by Nicole’s awesome friends!  We went to Findlay Market and the Cincinnati Art Museum.  And that was after a great breakfast at the Echo.  Breakfast at the Echo was so good that we went back again before we left on Sunday.

It's the flower on the Pitcher plant!

Mostly, the weekend in Cincinnati was all things German(ish) – gorgeous pretzels, goetta, and Italianate architecture.  And big, big drinks.  I guess the stein got thrown out the window but most places we went served my whiskey in a pint glass.  Seriously, a pint glass.

Thanks Germans!
This is the Italianate style that the Germans brought.

Brian and I both like Cincinnati more than we expected!  I knew I would have a great time visiting with Nicole and was surprised at how fun the city and company were even though I had been there countless times before.  Fresh eyes I suppose.

Nicole and me, Findlay Market.

4 thoughts on “Lucky in Kentucky?

  1. just an idea…
    yous should use latitude,
    let the world know
    where you are currently.
    then we just need to wait
    for the postings to know
    what was going on
    when we saw you
    where you were

    1. I am not a fan of latitude, because I don’t want people to know where I am right now. Where I was before I left that place is a different story. There is a plugin for WordPress called geo-mashup that I was looking at. It will mashup blogs posts with locations on google maps. I am hoping to make that a part of the right hand sidebar, along with finishing the new color palette, along with uploading other pics. You get the idea, and right now Jenn is patiently waiting for me to get off this machine, so we can go to some wineries (you can see why I’m so behind on the updates)….

  2. Ouch, I do hope the tooth crisis is resolved soon. You know I know those are zero fun and never present themselves at an opportune time.

    Feel better and give LuMei and Momma Marty my love.

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