Oh that’s right, we have a blog.

Sorry that the updates have basically crawled to a halt about, oh… 3 months ago. Fortunately, Jenn has been keeping the cobwebs off this thing.

Some field recordings for your hungry ears. These are not the best recordings, there are some wind artifacts and some yapping people to contend with, but hopefully you get the idea:

Beachside at the Hotel Na Balam in Isla Mujeres. I’m surprised this turned out at all because it was so windy that evening.

An audio installation near the water fountain in the yard of the excellent Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.

A band called Chocolate Caliente played often in a gorgeous old Havana square called Plaza Catedral. After the second session, it was quickly realized how touristy they were, but it was still nice to sit and listen while drinking a beer.*

The sounds of these shouting men is not a revolution brewing. It’s the Esquina Caliente, a corner of a lovely park in Havana where men gather and argue non-stop about baseball.*

* Or so I am told by my Canadian friend who went there.