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Well, February of 2011 is coming to a close and we’re mostly settled in our new/old Seattle surroundings. It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks have passed since we returned. It is good to be back in Seattle, we’ve been making the social rounds and it’s been great to reconnect with our beloved Seattle friends and family. (If we haven’t seen you yet, get in touch we need to hang!)

This is the part where I was expecting to reflect on the trip and wax eloquently about my experiences, but quite frankly I haven’t really had the time. Yes indeed, it took some hustling at the end. That exact kind of busy non-stop lifestyle that made me frazzled enough to quit my job and take a 6-month road trip was required to get us back out west from Chicago on December 25th, to Lexington on the 26th, through insane snowstorms, into a previously unseen apartment, and reporting for duty at the new job by January 3rd. I may be daft at times, but not so daft that I didn’t learn a thing or two and life has now slowed down to something I can actually manage and enjoy.

Perhaps we can reflect next to a warm fire and ruse upon the finer points our unique expedition over a snifter of brandy at some future juncture.

Yeah, we are aware that our regular updates basically fell off around October, except for those few occasions when Jenn was good enough to post something. In my defense, I was under the impression that people were following the flickr updates. I might not be writing, I thought, but I’m letting the photo updates speak for us. In the immortal words of Mr Kenneth Richings, “WRONG, MCCOY!!!”, as I learned from various friends who asked when they could see the photos. So apparently not everyone saw them, but most of them have been up there for a while. The rest of mine were updated today. If Jenn is okay with it, I’ll post hers up there as well soon. The blog hasn’t been completely without activity, I get about 10 comment spams a week. We must be well indexed somewhere for the bots to keep finding us.

Just so there’s no missing them, all the sets are listed below.

All of the photos are contained in one large set. Most of them are also contained in one of a dozen or so sub-sets that are labelled by location for convenience. There are some loose pics that aren’t in any sub-sets, only in the main set. main set


Wild Horse Monument

Going to the Sun Road

Kimball, SD


Shedd Aquarium

Cleveland Zoo

Art Institute of Chicago

Washington DC

Cozumel Fun

Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Oklahoma City National Memorial

Random Phone Pics

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