Sounds of South Dakota

This is for the audiophiles, some ambient sounds. I brought along a little audio recorder, the M-Audio Multitrack II, to capture some of the sounds of our trip.

It was amazing how open the entire area was for miles at the Spur Campground, near Sturgis. You could hear a car coming down the road from about a mile away. I was impressed with the various bird sounds, so I grabbed the recorder and started walking around the campground.

Motorcycle culture in the entire state is prevalent all year round, not just during the Sturgis rally. As I recorded, a couple Harleys rolled casually through the campground.

The sounds of Wall Drug were just what you would expect, hundreds of tourists strolling through a bunch of shops selling a bunch of junk that makes people feel like they’re in the West. I was never really all that impressed with the place. As we made our way to the car to leave, a slow moving freight train rolled past Wall Drug.

2 thoughts on “Sounds of South Dakota

  1. i was thinking….ambient sound? audio recordings? really?!? and i LOVED it! sound rules. you both rule. and lulu rules.

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